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Welcome to the Motorola Radio Support Group

We are a non-profit focused group based on the Motorola radio technologies, providing support to its members on setting up and using Motorola 2-Way Radio communication technologies.

We currently support a wide range of the models, some of which include Motorola GP320, GP340, GP360, GP380, GM340, GM360, GM380.

We provide a File Download Server and a Support Forum, to our members. Our members have a wide area of experience in the Motorola Two-Way Radio products. The forum members benefit from Forum Helpers and Motorola Technicians who are able to resolve common issues.

Two-Way Radios are widely used for business and pleasure. Each user as different requirements, the professional series which include the GP320, GP340, GP360 and GP380 can be customised to the individual needs.

Some of the benefits include

  • VHF or UHF Band

  • 255 Channels

  • Up to 5 Watts of Power for Extended Range

  • Programmable Side Buttons

Motorola GP320, GP340, GP360, GP380, GM340, GM360, GM380



Customer Programming Software

Customer Programming Software commonly known referred to as "CPS" is used to setup the features of the radio to the users requirements.

The CPS offers many configurable options such as Emergency and 5-Tone signalling, Radio ID and Radio Stun are some of the common features used into today's envelopment.

Our Support Form with over 2100 Members can help with any questions or issues that you may have when setting up your radio


The Motorola Radio Support Forum provides guidance to new and existing members with the benefit of some of our knowledgeable and experienced members, you will be in safe hands knowing you will be able to resolve your issues.

If you have tried to upgrade your radio's firmware and have crashed your radio. We may be able to help recover your radio and return it to its normal operation.

Our Forum has many categories which are split into Radio model specific areas to make browsing and finding the answer to your questions easer.

Our members have extensive knowledge and experience with the Motorola GP320, GP340, GP360, GP380, GM340, GM360, GM380 Radios. so please feel free to have a browse of the forum. Click Here to view the Forum.

The Motorola Radio Support Forum

Motorola Radio Support Group offer a Parts and Repair service to its members. We are able to offer Radio Programming, Firmware Upgrades and even fix hardware faults or crashed radios at a much lower price then replacing your radio after its been damaged.

We are not here to make a profit, simply to cover our costs as we enjoy working with radio technologies and helping our members get the benefit of using two-way radio communications.

Our main focus is on the Motorola GP320, GP340, GP360, GP380, GM340, GM360, GM380 Radios, but we do not limit our support to any particular model.

Repair Centre
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